Eyeko Lash Alert! Review

I’ve never tried any of Eyeko’s products before but I’ve heard great things about their mascaras. They have a series of different types that come in a toothpaste style tube. I admire brands for trying something a bit different with their packaging and first off I’d say this mascaras packaging is something unique and indeed appealing to the eye [oh no puns already.]




[My eyes before any mascara and then one without and one with a layer of lash alert…]


Already a light coat has taken my lashes from a bit sparse and thin to a longer and bold black, I’m liking its ease of application and pigment pay off.


[freckle alert!]


[2 coats]


Spider lengths!

Look at that curl gurlll

The formula seems very easy to build upon and it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to achieve this length- I’m intrigued to see what more of a difference using an eyelash curler and a length base lash primer beforehand can do to see just how massive my lashes can go.

Pros: 1) Good brush size and easy to apply to my hooded eyes

2) Doesn’t leak/smudge/budge through out the day

3) Kind to my sensitive eyes

4) False lash effect without any false lashes [which i suck at applying so yay!]

Cons: 1) A little more expensive than I’m usually willing to pay [£19]

2) Does take a bit of welly to get it off at the end of the day

In conclusion its a winner in my eyes [OHGAD sorry] it ticks most if not all of my mascara boxes-

Lengthening, lasting, curling, verging on witchy looking etc etc

Its a thumbs up from me…


[p.s a guitar pick!- is it going for the rock and roll genre or is it used to help the application some how? some one let me know 🙂 ]




Make-up themed homeware & products I am loving

I imagine one day when I’ve got a little place of my own it will be embellished with make-up and beauty themed artwork and products. Sooo, i’ve been having a little browse around and decided to make a little blog stash of products I’m particularly fond of right now 🙂tp,875x875,ffffff,f.6u1I just LOVELOVELOVE this cushion of the glamorous T-Rex! If I had more room I would purchase this right now.


This beautician collection of the mechanicals of make-up/beauty equipment is so unique and I personally just love the combination of technicality meets fashion.

disaster-designs-object-dart-pink-make-up-bag-p4247-6718_imageOHMYGOODNESS how lush is this vintage styled make-up bag! I adore the design, it reminds me a lot of Victorian illustrations for well, illustrating products. The little embellishments make it all the more unique and I think I might have to order this in the near future, its just so unique ❤


*Gothic meets girly*


Naturally anything with David Bowie lyrics on it will be a winner in my eyes! This light-box style decor has a rustic shabby-chic feel and I love it, so simple, so elegant.



Here are a couple of wall sticker decorations, i think they give that something more to a room and makes it a focal point which can be incorporated with the other contents of the room. Personalize with different colors and sizes i do really like them to make a place feel more personal.


These lovely rectangular cushions are from Society 6, I think the 2nd would look lovely in a beauty salon- I’m a big fan of designs that are both girly and a bit gothic exampled in the 1st cushion.


I love this abstract-modern-arty look to this design, simple but effective that would bring more attraction to a simple room.


Another Society 6 product designed by A Little Leafy – These can be hand towels, bath towels or beach towels which is great, I think the hand towel version would make a perfect washing/drying your make-up brushes item, the slogan is just fab!


A carry pouch from Society 6 by Mervi Emilia, ideal for carrying your make-up around on the go and I’m really digging the sketchy pencil illustrations.

Lastly I thought I’d be a bit cheeky and put a few of my own make-up inspired products here. I don’t know if I’d decorate my future home with my own work… maybe only a few of my absolute favorites [which is hard as i have such a love-hate relationship with what i create] 😛

Thank-you for looking!


Links to products:













Essence Make-up First Impressions Review

Recently I’ve been hearing good things about Essence cosmetics so i toddled down to my local Wilko where they have an Essence stall. I always jump at the opportunity to try budget make-up that’s been getting positive hype- each product was under £5 and seemed good value.

First I started off with their ‘I ❤ Stage’ eye-shadow base and their ‘I ❤ nude’ eye-shadow in 01 Vanilla sugar.

IMG_9595  030


The results were very good and there’s a great pop of nude hue and the primer worked very well with this eye-shadow. The eye-shadow has a lovely texture that comes out nicely but doesn’t chalk/flake everywhere.

Next I tried ‘Make me brow’ eyebrow gel mascara in 02 browny brows.


I’ve read that this has been modeled on the well known Gimme Brows by Benefit, as I haven’t tried theirs I wouldn’t know but this brow gel had a nice natural appearance and helped shape my brows and I was really happy with the result.

I then went to try out the ‘I ❤ Extreme crazy volume Mascara’ after curling my eyelashes.


I couldn’t quite believe how much longer and thicker they looked after just one coat. The formula has excellent lift and pigment making my lashes look 3x more thick and giving the false lash effect. For the price of £2.80 I am over the moon with this product and it’s become my new mascara favorite.

Next is the ‘Stay all day concealer 16h’ cream concealer in 10 natural beige.




This product did well at covering the dark shadows under my eyes, i didn’t need much of the product and the formula blended very seamlessly.

After that I tried out the ‘Big bright eyes’ highlight it nude pencil 01. I added just a little bit to the inner corners of my eyes to give that bright eyed look.

I was very happy with how well this pencil worked, it didn’t tug smudge or flake and the color is gorgeous, I imagine it would make a good highlighter to eyebrows. Another note is i tend to have watery eyes and pencils usually smudge on my lower lash line however this one sat comfortably for the duration. Win!

Up next is the ‘Gel waterproof eye pencil’ in 06 cocoa bean.


Like the previous pencil the staying power on this is great! Its really pigmented and easy to draw on the eyelid, for me its up there with Urban Decays 24/7 glide on pencil and with it being a fraction of the price essence’s is the winner.

Last is the ‘Mattifying compact powder’ in 11 pastel beige.


Brushing this over my foundation I found it had a subtle effect and the powder itself is very light, almost like a translucent powder. I found it worked well on my foundation and didn’t leave any patchiness or cakeyness so overall I really like it.

The finished look [insert weird smile]…


I am really impressed by Essence Cosmetics and can’t believe the quality of these products for the price. I look forward to trying out their other products in the future to see if the rest of the range is as high quality.

M. x

Wet N Wild Lipsticks Review – Fall shades – Sweet Cream – Bordeaux Boulevard – Urban Night

So a few days ago I was on Ebay scrolling for bargains [they have so many!] and came across these lipsticks. I had previously 1 Wet N Wild lipstick which i liked so i thought I’d give these a go. 

wetnwild1The packaging for these lippys are very simple and fuss free, perhaps not the nicest but for the price you can’t really complain! For all 3 of these I got them for an incredibly cheap price of £5! Including delivery which is just awesome! They had another color in this collection called Sunset Siren but I just got these 3 for now…


First shade, Sweet Cream, is a very natural nude hue, one which i have read that is a great dupe of Mac’s Velvet Teddy, but a much much cheaper version.



I used a pinky-red lip liner for these lipsticks though for this shade a nude one would definitely be best!




Bordeaux Boulevard is a vampy, dark purple hue. It’s a lot more pigmented and dark then my pictures suggests, a good alternative to Mac’s smoked purple lipstick.


wetnwild10    wetnwildnine

Urban night is a lovely berry red with undertones of purple and blue. This one is probably my favorite out of the three, although all of them are very very good!

There staying power is very impressive for their price! I’m not sure what they retail at but they are REALLY good value for money! Hours after eating and drinking they leave a nice lip stain and the color is still very visible and not faded in the creases. From all the lipsticks I’ve had its very rare to not need to touch up the color after some hours after application.


Conclusion: If you get the chance to get these GET THEM before they’re all gone!

M. x

Hello! Newbie in town…

Hello humans,

I have decided to join the blogging bandwagon as I have found blogs to be very helpful and maybe mine could be of use to others. Expect to see posts and posts of make-up, random things I’ve accumulated, photography of places, artwork I’m working on and other general nonsense.

Thank-you to the bloggers and reviewers who make life a little easier with their findings and insights, I hope maybe you can find something useful here.

Chal for now,

M. x